Safety Features of Our Assisted Living Home

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Safety Features

Enjoy a Secure and Nurturing Assisted Living Environment

At Affectionate Care Assisted Living Home, the health and safety of our residents are always our top priorities. Our aim is to provide seniors with all of the safety and security measures they need to feel their best, and enjoy a maximum level of independence every day. Between our state-of-the-art facility, experienced caretakers, advanced health tracking systems, and more, seniors can rest assured that their needs will always be met — and help is just around the corner. Read on to learn more about the safety features of our assisted living home, and get in touch with us to schedule a tour of our facility in Richmond.

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How Our Assisted Living Home Keeps Residents Safe:

  • 24-hour support - Compassionate and experienced caretakers are always on site

  • Personalized care - One of the lowest resident-to-staff ratios in the industry

  • On-call physicians - Dedicated Doctors and RN’s are available round the clock

  • Emergency response system - Monitors, detects, and responds to wandering and falls

  • On-site pharmacist - Enjoy focused support for your medication regimens

  • Air quality - Equipped with an ION air purification system to keep air healthy and clean

  • Health-tracking software - Monitor vitals in real-time, evaluate needs, and improve care

Safety Features of Our Assisted Living Home


Premier Staff

Like any great assisted living home, our people are our number one ingredient. First off, we are extremely careful about how we choose our team. Every member of our staff undergoes stringent background checks and employment verifications, has immense experience in the industry, and carries all of the necessary certifications for their role. Additionally, our trusted network of physicians, registered nurses, and other medical experts is always on-call to address any issues in real-time.


Our Facility

Our cutting-edge facility was constructed in 2020, and we didn’t cut any corners in ensuring that we created a secure, but welcoming environment. All entrances and exits are monitored by cameras and security locks to keep our staff informed about who comes and goes, without creating a tense or uncomfortable environment for residents. Regular visits from guests are highly encouraged, but strict check-in protocols are always adhered to. The layout of our facility has been optimized for quick and easy exits in the event of an emergency, and we added an advanced air purification system to promote good health.


Health Monitoring Technology

If there’s one thing that all health concerns have in common, it’s that early intervention is key. However, you can only intervene if you are able to detect the problem in the first place. That’s why we equip our staff with a suite of advanced senior software programs to monitor vitals, evaluate needs, and administer effective care in real-time. As a senior, it’s hard to keep up with all of the changes happening in your body, but our team can help residents minimize the frequency of negative health events.


On-Site Pharmacist

Proper medication management is one of the most effective ways that seniors can support good health. Affectionate Care is proud to provide our residents with access to a dedicated, on-site pharmacist who has spent her career helping seniors make effective choices about their medication regimens. As an added value, we offer Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) services that can be especially helpful for residents who take multiple prescriptions for a handful of medical conditions, struggle to keep up with their dosing regimens, or are juggling multiple physicians and healthcare providers. Plus, if you struggle with the costs of your medications, our pharmacist can help you explore more affordable alternatives.


Wandering and Fall Detection

Our innovative emergency response system monitors the movements of residents — especially those who require certified memory care services for Alzheimer’s or dementia — and automatically alerts our staff in the event of a fall or wandering. This allows our residents to enjoy the perks of independent living without putting themselves at risk. At Affectionate Care Assisted Living Home, our residents know that their autonomy is important to us — and help is always right around the corner.

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