4 Things That Set Affectionate Care Apart

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Discover the Best Assisted Living Options

Many years of research and hard work have allowed Affectionate Care to create a senior living experience like no other in America. What did we do right? What sets us apart? We value your family as though they are our family. A unique and simple ideal that makes a world of difference to the running of assisted living facilities. We believe in showing compassion in each of our services — and making a difference to the families that depend on us in Richmond, Texas. In our organization, you are not just another statistic — you are a mom, dad, auntie, or uncle.

Here are four of the modest ways we are different from other assisted living facilities.

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High Quality Environment

At Affectionate Care, our key objective is to provide you the most accurate ‘home-style’ environment. Our caregiver team recognizes this and works around the clock, including on-call physicians and Registered Nurses. You also have access to private bedrooms and baths, dietician-approved home-cooked meals, laundry services, and social activities. Our environment also includes spacious backyards, a gazebo, and a garden.


Medication Management Program

Affectionate Care provides our own board-certified pharmacist devoted to our clients. The pharmacist conducts clinical assessments of each resident’s medication. This review is important to ensure drug safety and usage, better drug tolerance, fewer side effects, and a lower rate of hospitalization. We will also find less costly alternatives that could save you a buck while still taking the right medication and dosage.

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Innovative Emergency Response

One of the factors we consider for our residents is their safety. At Affectionate Care our assisted living services include emergency response software that includes fall detection and prevention prompts, health tracking, family or friend notifications, GPS trackers for wandering or dementia, and emergency assistance buttons.

Older woman and a nurse

Personalized Care

At Affectionate Care, we have dedicated staff including health and wellness professionals who work alongside caring and attentive staff members. We have one of the lowest resident-to-staff ratios, which highlights our dedication to ensuring you feel at home away from home. Notably, personalized care includes dignified and respectful treatment to maximize support for a resident’s personal, daily living activities.

The team at Affectionate Care will always remain keen on sustaining our residents’ happiness by providing comfort, care, and security. Our key objective is to support individuals to live their best life on their own terms.

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