Comprehensive Medication Management Services

The Benefits of CMM

What is Comprehensive Medication Management?

At Affectionate Care, our Comprehensive Medication Management program (CMM) is one of the many premium wellness services that we offer to residents of our assisted living home. This advanced form of medication therapy is administered with the help of our private, on-site pharmacist who is solely dedicated to the care of our residents. Optimizing medication use can be a significant factor in reducing hospital admissions for the elderly. At our assisted living home, we look for opportunities to eliminate unnecessary medications and simplify dosing regimens. How do we do this? We have a dedicated, on-site pharmacist to provide medication check-ups that assess the medications you take, prescriptions, over-the-counter products, vitamins, herbal products, and supplements. We will partner with you and your prescriber to make sure you’re getting the most benefit from your medicines. We’ll also look at whether there are any less expensive alternatives that might help save you money, and make sure you’re taking the right meds — in the right way and at the right dose.

According to clinical studies, the impact of CMM is substantial:

  • Improves quality of resident care
  • Improves health outcomes
  • Improves drug tolerability
  • Reduces overall health care costs

Unlike the standard pharmacy services seen in the typical retail/hospital settings (Walgreens, CVS, Grocery Store Chains etc.), our pharmacist is solely dedicated to our assisted living residents and committed to providing them with the personal, individualized attention they need to get the best and safest use out of their medications.


  • Improved drug efficacy
  • Decrease in adverse side-effects
  • Reduced emergency hospital visits
  • Reduced costs
  • Minimized medications
  • Simplified dosing regimens

Though beneficial for anyone who takes medication, residents who benefit the most from Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) include:

  • Those who struggle with the cost of medication

  • Those who have trouble keeping track of refill schedules

  • Those who are prescribed multiple medications

  • Those who suffer from multiple conditions

  • Those who are under the care of more than one physician

  • Those who are due for immunization updates

  • Those who have been recently discharged from the hospital.

For more information on the basics and benefits of CMM and how our process is designed to ensure long-term wellness, contact the team at Affectionate Care Assisted Living Home.

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At Affectionate Care Assisted Living Home, we don’t believe in “good enough” when it comes to the medication regimens of our residents.

As a part of our Comprehensive Medication Management program (CMM), our on-site pharmacist will regularly assess your prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, and more to ensure that you are taking the best possible medications for your current and upcoming health-needs. Our experts will take a close look at your medication regimen and look for ways to improve health outcomes, eliminate side-effects, improve drug tolerability, and simplify your dosing schedule. On top of that, we will check to see if there are alternative medications or supplements that will cost you less money. After a detailed assessment, our pharmacist will work closely with your prescribing physician to make changes, if needed.

Our CMM program is a special service that is not offered at the majority of assisted living homes. Your prescription and supplement needs will change over time, and our Comprehensive Medication Management services will ensure that you stay ahead of these changes — reducing emergency hospital visits, adverse side-effects, and more. For more information on the benefits of Comprehensive Medication Management, get in touch with us today to speak with a qualified member of our team.